Thursday, 9 February 2012

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Sometimes, a great product can be lost through lack of thought and planning. The strategic way in which a company promotes and markets their product can determine success or failure. Likewise, the way in which that company provides support and actually delivers a service to the customer can also make or break a company.

At gdewsbury, we understand the difficulty of promoting telecare and assistive technology products and services and can advise companies on the best method to approach this.  This could be as simple as changing a website so that the wording is clear, right through to looking at the products and services on offer and making sure that the USP is promoted in the best fashion.

An added bonus is that gdewsbury is a consultancy and a specialist writing service, which means that they are commissioned to write for magazines and other technology publications.  They are impartial in their writing and will not promote products that are not worthy of promotion. If a product is good and passes the tests required then it could be lucky to be included in a magazine piece, but most importantly, gdewsbury has the skill to assist in writing press releases and other publicity material that can get your company noticed.

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